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About choosing the company to digitize your business

I thought about whether I should post this or not, I thought maybe I shouldn’t. But it would be fair to post this.

We started Cmevo because we want to digitize everything, or almost everything that fits our desires. This does not mean that we are the best at everything and that you have to work with us. Because, maybe we’re not what you need.

Lately I’ve been trying to learn about marketing, I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m trying to learn. Following my research and competition analysis, I notice how many IT companies in Romania tell you how good they are. Trying to understand the pros and cons, in some cases it is very easy to notice the level of training and the reasons why I would not choose the solutions offered by certain companies.

We are here to sell content, but we do not want quantity, because the main reason we created this product is to be in the niche, to do what we want and what we like. I’m not here for a 9-5 job where my boss tells me what to do, and you don’t make decisions either because that’s how we tell you it’s okay.

In reality, you should know what is best for you, but it would be good to find out, based on what we “specialists” say. And you might ask how you do that, but I’ll answer you first: listen to more and then see what works for you. It’s just that when shopping for clothes, you try on more and choose what suits you. And if you want to know if we are the right measure, you can easily find us by email, phone or messages.

The analysis I do about the digitalization of Romanian companies gives me the opportunity to post certain information, which I considered important. For this reason, on Instagram, Facebook, or my personal LinkedIn account, we post a summary of the conclusions.

Just because we’re talking about digitization doesn’t mean we’re the best, but you certainly don’t have to believe that either. Find out, ask questions, research and discover the benefits. We are available to answer your questions for free, because our goal is to digitize Romania, not to mark another project on the list of projects.

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