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Digital Protest - EII Mobile App

This application arose from the need to diversify protest methods. And as any protest aims to remove from the comfort zone the person responsible for creating grievances, we thought it would be interesting to put pressure on public institutions and authorities and online.

Our Client

Evoluție în instituție (EII) is a non-governmental organization founded in June 2016, whose mission is to monitor public institutions with an emphasis on their functioning in the interest of the citizen, decision-making transparency, spending public money and promoting increasing the quality of public policy development in Romania.

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Client Needs

The client required a mobile solution which works on both platform: iOS and Android. Had a simple interface and is easy to use for everyone.

The app represents a social network which shows in your feed requests for public institutions. When register for the first time, the app requests to create an account that can be used later and to complete your personal information, which are used later to send requests. These information are saved only on user’s device.

By checking a notice from feed the user can preview the request with his prefilled personal information. It can send the request at any moment by pressing send notice.

When the user decide to send a notice, he press the send button available in two modes: anonymous or sharing his email and phone to be contacted later by our client related on that specific notice. After the send button is pressed, your default mail client will popup with the request completed and you only have to press send from you personal account.

Mobile Solution

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Web Service (API)

CMS Solution


Tech Stack

Client's benefits

The most qualified, skillful and professional staff