Online medical optics appointments

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How we created a site for online medical optics appointments

The collaboration with Optica Eye started from the desire to offer customers the opportunity to make online appointments. At a time when technology is with us at every turn, it must be embraced in more and more fields, such as medicine.

We started by identifying the needs and finding a solution that would perform as expected. The first page introduces the customer to the OpticaEye universe and presents the range of products and services. Also for the first time, we have added CTA (Call To Action) buttons, so that users have access to the online schedule for medical optics at any time. This online programming page is organized in a simple but effective way for users. They have the possibility to select the desired service: ophthalmological or optometric consultation. Depending on the availability of the 30-minute scheduling program, the user will be able to select the available hours, depending on the days when appointments can be made and without overlapping multiple appointments in the same time slot.

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What does the online medical optics programming site look like?

programari online optica medicala
programari online optica medicala