3D Printing and 3D Modeling services

The 3D printing process allows you to create objects from your imagination or multiply them quickly and easily.

We print anything for you

Although it seems a simple process, behind this technology, are many elements that contribute to getting the final result. The printer overlaps several very thin layers of material, giving it the shape of a digital model. Objects made with 3D printing techniques can be changed in different ways. Regardless of the project, you are using, we will find the best solutions. Our customers’ ideas can be turned into reality. The quality of the products is ensured by the latest generation 3D printer. However, we are in a continuous process of learning and improvement. We adapt to the latest trends in the industry to offer you high-quality products and services.

Even if you do not have 3D modeling skills, but you want to create some objects, we provide you with the 3D modeling service. Therefore, it represents the process of creating three-dimensional objects, respectively models that are used in graphic simulations, commercials, video games, etc. Our 3D printing service guarantees that it can bring to life any element you have thought of.

3D printing services are the perfect solution for unique, personalized, or out-of-store products. Our team will turn your idea into a digitized reality. We will make sure that the product will look exactly as you imagined. We will successfully meet all your requirements down to the smallest detail.

Available materials

avantaje print 3d

Polylactic acid – PLA

Use in 3D printing
Used for prototypes that require a superior finish and medium mechanical strength.

Limitations in 3D printing
Not suitable for products subjected to mechanical stress or high temperatures.

Features for 3D printing
Impact resistance: 7.5kJ / mp (ISO180 / A)
Tensile strength: 110MPa (MD) (ASTM D882)
Modulus of elasticity: 3310 MPa (MD) (ASTM D882)
Elongation at break: 160% (MD)
Bending modulus of elasticity: ± 2392.5 MPa
Hardness: –

Material ABS pentru printare 3d

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – ABS

Use in 3D printing
Used for prototypes that require good mechanical and chemical resistance

Limitations in 3D printing
It is quite difficult to print due to the appearance of deformations during printing as well as the frequent detachment of the platform.

Features in 3D printing
Impact resistance: 36kJ / mp (ISO180 / A)
Tensile strength: 38MPa (ISO527)
Modulus of elasticity: 1900 MPa (ISO527)
Elongation at break: 9% (ISO527)
Bending modulus of elasticity: ± 2250MPa
Hardness: 74MPa (ISO2039-1)

suport auto pahare printare 3d

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol – PETG

Use in 3D printing
Used for prototypes that require good impact resistance and good thermal resistance.

Limitations in 3D printing
Limited possibilities of bridging, thin spider-like threads may appear on the surface of the print due to the characteristics of the filament.

Features for 3D printing
Impact resistance: 7.2kJ / mp (ASTM D256)
Tensile strength: 50MPa (ASTM D638)
Modulus of elasticity: 1940 MPa (ISO527)
Elongation at break: 120% (ASTM D638)
Bending modulus of elasticity: ± 2147.6 MPa (ASTM D790)
Hardness: 105MPa (ASTM D785)

rasina sintetica pentru printare 3d

Synthetic resin

Use in 3D printing
Used for prototypes that do not require very good mechanical strength, a chemical resistance similar to ABS, but a superior finish that cannot be obtained by FDM printing.

Limitations in 3D printing
Long print times, small model size

Features for 3D printing
Modulus of elasticity: 3730 MPa (ISO 527)
Flow resistance: 74.4 MPa (ISO 527)
Flow elongation: 2.5% (ISO 527)
Young’s mode: 12 kJ / sqm (ISO 179-2)
HDT A: 74 ° C (ISO 75)
HDT B: 121 ° C (ISO 75)
Density: 1.18 g / cm3 (ISO 1183)

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FAQ about 3D Printing

What do I need to print an object with a 3D printer?

To print an object you will need to provide us the 3D digital model (designed on with a CAD software, with the extension .stl) and the material characteristics.

What are the costs of 3D printing for an object?

The cost of a 3D printed product is determined by the complexity and material characteristics.

What products do you print?

We can print any product that meets the conditions: it does not exceed the maximum printing dimensions, the wall thickness must be greater than 1mm (for a minimum mechanical strength), include areas for removing media (where applicable), etc.

I can print an object if I don't have the .stl file

Of course, we have a team of professionals who can offer you, for a fee, CAD design services.

What is the maximum print size?

We can print objects with a maximum size of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. If the product exceeds the maximum dimensions, we can divide your product into several parts and then join them with a special adhesive. The disadvantage of this method is the decrease of the mechanical strength of the product.

Can I customize my company logo on a product?

Of course, this is one of the benefits of 3D printing. The cost of a product manufactured in small series using 3D printers is much lower than the cost of a product manufactured by conventional processes.

Do you also deliver by express courier?

The delivery of the products is done personally in Pitesti and Bucharest, or with the help of the courier company SAMEDAY Courier with a cost of at least 25 lei, the courier costs may be higher if you are not in the coverage area of the courier.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is determined by the size, complexity and material characteristics of your product.

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