Why bring your business online in the crisis period

Your business needs to get online in times of crisis. Whether you have a store at the corner of the block or we’re talking about a medium or large store in a commercial warehouse, you need to bring your business online to grow.

In this difficult time, more and more companies are looking for solutions to avoid locking the business door. Trying to survive you think it’s time to reorient yourself to other services or products, but the solution is much simpler.

How can the online environment help you in times of crisis?

An online environment is a place where you can grow exponentially because there are no time and space limits. There is no need to look for your customers because you can bring them to you much easier. When I need a shoe store and I’m on some street, I need to go down the street, until I find the store I need, without knowing how long I have to walk there and if this place exists. You could say right now that you’re going to pull out your cell phone and search on Google or Maps, great idea. How can Google know about you? You need to be there, to be part of the results displayed.

How to reduce costs and increase sales

During a crisis, you can reduce costs through online migration. It is not necessary to invest time only in flyers that most often reach the trash. Rather, you can invest smartly in a website, which leaves your mark on your sales. When people are looking for services or products, most of the time they are looking for someone who is trustworthy. If they are not available, they need recommendations. These recommendations can be obtained from your business owner directly or directly from you.

What are the online solutions through which you can promote yourself

To get closer to your audience, it is first and foremost important to know it. The solutions are varied and it is up to you how much you want to migrate to the online environment. If we refer to 2010, we can say that online presence was not necessary, but now, in 2020, things have changed completely, because people spend a lot of time on the Internet.

Among the solutions we propose, we can highlight:

1. Google Business

Google My Business account gives you more than just a listing of your business. With your free business profile, you can easily interact with customers on Google Search and Google Maps.
You can post photos and offers on your profile, to highlight the unique aspects of the company and to give customers reasons to choose each time.
Customers are ready to interact through calls, messages or reviews. Now, with more ways to do transactions, you can grow your business.
Clicks, calls, reservations, interested persons – see how customers interact with your company profile.

2. Facebook for Business

The business Manager helps promoters to integrate marketing activities on Facebook both at the level of their entire company and in the relationship with external partners. You can use this free platform for:
– Run and watch commercials
– Manage assets, such as Pages and Advertising Accounts
– Add a marketing agency or partner to help you manage your business

3. Your own website or mobile app

If for all the above solutions it is necessary for all the activities to take place on the Google or Facebook platform, creating your own website gives you complete freedom.
You have the possibility to create your own design and placement on the page. Describe your business exactly as you want and more importantly, you have the freedom to implement whatever functionality your business needs. You can integrate a programming or sales service, you can offer them free samples of your products or services and you can be in direct contact at any time.

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