E-commerce with spirulina – Spinoa.ro

The story begins when the Spinoa.ro team contacted us to solve some existing problems of the website, made with WordPress + Woocommerce. At the same time, they wanted a custom design for the product pages, the main shop page, and the homepage.

There were some complications because the site had a lot of plugins installed, some of them were not used on the site, others needed to be updated, and the loading speed also needed to be improved. But the really pressing problem was that one of the plugins was no longer working as expected, and the pages could not be modified because their content was duplicated. We worked together and decided that the best thing is a new website that solves the existing problems and that displays everything in a pleasant way and at the same time with an aspect that resonates with the Spinoa public.

With a custom design as per the requirements, the spirulina online store looks great. Customers can buy spirulina products, quickly, due to the loading speed and the information presented in an organized way. It can be accessed from any device due to its responsive design. You can make online payments directly from your card and you can receive the order delivered at home or you can choose to meet the Spinoa team and find out more about spirulina.

The Spinoa team wants the benefits of the superfood they work with, spirulina, to reach as many people as possible. It is important for them to collect feedback from consumers to constantly improve this experience.

What did we learn from this?

Spirulina is more than just a superfood beneficial to your body, and this team of people involved shares a great experience with us. Wouldn’t it be easier to find out for yourself? You can visit them online on Spinoa.ro.

What does e-commerce with spirulina look like?

magazin online spirulină

magazin online spirulină