Manager Flota Management for Ridesharing Fleets

Platform Objective

Manager Flota was created with a clear objective: to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing alternative transport fleets. Our goal was to develop a platform that allows fleet managers to efficiently handle their activities, monitor driver performance, and optimize operational costs, thereby enabling informed decision-making and enhancing productivity.

Customer Needs

Through our research, we identified the key needs of alternative transport fleet managers: a centralized platform for managing drivers, reports, and expenses, simplifying processes and eliminating manual efforts. Users were seeking a solution that offers an overview of activities, enables precise expense calculations, and provides more efficient data management.

The Solution Offered

Manager Flota addresses customer needs with an intuitive and comprehensive platform. With features for fleet administration, report generation, expense tracking, and driver salary calculations, our platform provides an integrated solution to streamline the daily activities of fleet managers. This has created an environment where users can access and analyze critical information to make more informed decisions.

Challenges Faced

One of the major challenges was identifying and standardizing the report formats provided by partners like Uber, Bolt, and Splash. The solution involved developing parsing algorithms to transform these reports into useful and understandable data, easily integrated into our platform.

Technologies Used

  • Web App: For the front end, we chose Vue.js and Vuetify to ensure a user-friendly and responsive interface.
  • Backend: We utilized Node.js and the Nest.js framework to create a robust and scalable backend, ensuring efficient communication between the front end and the database.
  • Database: We employed PostgreSQL, a powerful and reliable open-source relational database management system, to store and manage the vast amount of data generated by the platform’s activities.
  • DevOps: For infrastructure management, we used Docker to encapsulate applications and services, Nginx and Nginx Proxy Manager for routing and administration, and Adminer for database management.
  • Others: We implemented a version control system with Git to coordinate the development and ensure transparency and collaboration within our team.

In conclusion, Manager Flota was developed to address the critical needs of alternative transport fleet managers, providing them with a complete and efficient platform for their management, monitoring, and optimization activities. By employing modern technologies and innovative solutions, we have simplified complex processes, delivering substantial benefits to our users.