RSVTI software for thermal power plants and gas

RSVTI software is an automation and digitization system for service and maintenance companies for gas installations and thermal power plants. The platform has been designed and developed for responsive web systems to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.

The benefits of the RSVTI software platform

  • Write documents 50% faster from your phone or tablet, without paper, pen, and portable printer.
  • The generation of financial reports for the targeted institutions is done with a simple click, at any time.
  • Customer loyalty through a permanent link and transmission of documents in digital format.
  • Business management from a single screen, from any device with the possibility of expansion.

How RSVTI software helps service and maintenance companies

In 2019, the company RepactTermServ decided to improve the process of incorporating customers and managing them, by automating and digitizing internal procedures. With the expansion of the company and the increase in the number of customers, managers have identified a problem in the time spent on managing the business. In this context, our company appeared, which identified the opportunity to implement a software solution, which would allow the automation of processes within the company.

Time invested in fieldwork, not bureaucracy

By developing a web application, managers could reduce the actual time spent managing the business and managing business. Technicians could also easily generate customer documents with a few clicks and send them by email, so the time to write documents in the classic format is reduced to 3-5 minutes, from 10-15 minutes.

Did you know that you lose an average of 15 minutes with each client? At 8 interventions per day, 2 hours you write documents. At the end of the month, you lost 40 hours, which is a week. And that’s for one technician in the field.

The technician should perform her technical tasks, not be a part-time secretary. But the real problem is that the company loses money, for such a trivial problem and is ignored at first sight as something insignificant.

To solve this problem, the digitization of documents within the company was a priority in RSVTI software. And along with this problem came the transmission of documents to customers, which is traditionally done by using a portable printer. This means that the technician must carry a portable printer or travel to the vehicle, where he has the printer, to print the documents and return to the customer. But this whole process is difficult and the solution can be simplified by digitization. We decided that the documents should be signed with the finger or stylus, on the technician’s phone or tablet and then be sent in electronic format, by email.

Lower costs for administration

Costs are an important aspect of any business, regardless of its size or niche. It is important that they are maintained to the correct standards and constantly monitored. But this can only be done by opening Excel, entering data, and implementing formulas, and this is repeated month by month.

To simplify this process and reduce the time spent by managers to manage the business, we decided to integrate statistics, reports, and exports with a simple click.

What modules does the RSVTI software contain?

RSVTI software – contains invoicing mode, customer management, personnel management, financial and service documents, appointments, inventory management, SMS or email alerts, and much more. Take advantage of a powerful utility that reduces document writing time to 0 and easily manages service to increase the number of customers.

Login and control panel

Registration of a new managed account and login to the management platform for thermal power plants. Login is based on a username and password. Discover how the web application is organized and how to navigate the RSVTI software.

Control Panel

On the main screen of the RSVTI software, you can see information about the checks and revisions from the last 3 months. In the second section, you can see the SMS notifications, which could not be sent to the recipient.

Messages for notifications

Configures messages sent via SMS or e-mail to notify customers of the expiration of overhauls or checks for thermal power plants or gas installations.

CRM – Customer management

Create accounts for customers with contact details and technical data of thermal power plants. Each device will have a review and verification due date. Notifications 10 days before the deadline will be sent by SMS and e-mail notifications to notify the customer. Use the customer search function according to criteria such as name, telephone, address or technical data of the plant. You also have a special note function, attached to each client, to be able to note information about interventions or other issues.

Writing digital documents with Soft RSVTI

Writes documents completely digitally, without the need for paper or pen. Customers have at their disposal the intelligent digital signature function on the screen of the device used by the technician. Generates documents for ISCIR or ANRE service: contract, authorization (booklet), minutes, worksheet, invoice for customers with pre-completion of data from its profile, invoicing for customers not registered in the application, and generation of receipts.

CRM for thermal power plant service and gas checks

Soft RSVTI contains invoicing, customer management, personnel management, financial and service documents, appointments, inventory management, SMS or email alerts, and much more. Take advantage of a powerful utility that reduces document writing time to 0 and easily manages service to increase the number of customers.

User administration

Manage staff and their permissions. Available roles are administrator and technician. The administrator will have full access to the platform, and the technician can search for customers and write documents for them in RSVTI software.

Manage stocks

Manages product stocks and quantities available for managing the RSVTI or ANRE service. Inventories are automatically updated when products are used in invoices and are updated when an invoice is deleted.

Client agenda and appointments

Schedule clients for assignments and send reminders automatically on a schedule, 24 hours before scheduling and 2 hours in advance. You can create an appointment for a client registered on the platform or a new one. Assign staff appointments to technicians. Advanced search function by name, phone, or address.

Flue gas analyzers

Configuration and administration of flue gas analyzers. Uses the characteristics of analyzers in generating authorizations. Set the name, series, and expiration date of the analyzer authorization in RSVTI software.

Technologies used to develop RSVTI software

Our team recommended using Vue.js for the front-end and NodeJS for the back-end to make this RSVTI software. The development was set for a 2-week sprint, to ensure an increased level of flexibility, maximum added value, and constant feedback from the customer.

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