The workforce from Asia with a website – Deltamanpower

Deltamanpower owner required a simple solution that presents the job positions available. They come to us only with the idea and we had to manage the design, create the logo and theme schema, and obviously the implementation.

Client Needs

The client needs a web solution to present its portfolio and to be closer to its customers. The most important thing for our clients is an online presence. A form where the customers can apply for jobs was mandatory.


Our team created a website using WordPress. The website is simple and clean. We created the first page having in mind that users will come and needs to see all available jobs. The about us page describes the purpose of our client and their mantra. We created a contact page with a simple form, where users can be in touch. We designed and developed the website, deployed the solution online, and configured the hosting and DNS. The client asked our specialist to create a logo for their business.

Tech Stack

  • WordPress
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

Client’s benefits

  • Simple Website
  • Online Presence
  • Always in contact with customers