Customenu Digital menu for restaurants

We understand that this business is special and the needs differ depending on a variety of factors.

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it all starts with customenu

  1. You register, choose the right flooring and add your products.
  2. You download the QR code, print it, and place it on the tables.
  3. The customer sits down at the table and scans the QR code.
  4. The waiter can take the order.

Customer benefits


It has quick access to essential functions such as product search, menu language change, shopping list for those who want to write down what they want to order.

Design and user experience

A nice layout, the right shape and size of the font, the size of the buttons and their positions make the difference between a small or a large order. Customers are not willing to waste time navigating through a menu that is difficult to understand.

Product description

They have quick access to information such as price, weight and preparation time. I can read the description and the list of allergens, but most importantly, I can see images of the products, which are worth 1000 words.

Oricât de atrăgător ar arăta restaurantul, întotdeauna preparatele din meniul digital îi va face pe clienți să revină. 

Complete digital menu

Secțiunea despre noi. Această secțiune are rolul de a împărtăși povestea restaurantului cu persoanele interesate de locul vostru.

Easily adapt your menu to the season, the holidays, the needs of your customers and your business. You can easily integrate your Customenu digital menu into your own website.

Order the digital menu

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