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Documents digitization

Digitization of documents a complete solution for capturing, processing, validating, centralizing, distributing and integrating with internal applications in your company.

Reduce manual processing

By digitizing documents you can enjoy the quality of the documents and the free time saved.

Error free

Mistakes are inevitable, and when manual work is a repetitive process in the company, errors are present.


Your business needs to grow, but without labor it is not possible. A dedicated software can be the best employee.

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Why you need to digitize documents

Digitizing documents shows a modern solution to optimize resources within your company. By digitizing documents you can intelligently manage the processing of large volumes of data regardless of their format (physical documents, scanned, sent by email or fax, etc.).

A complete document digitization solution includes data capture, processing, and validation, centralization of data, the transmission of collected information to approved departments, and integration with internal solutions or applications such as ERP, CRM, or others. By implementing a document scanning solution, the time and financial costs for the manual processing process are reduced.

Digitization of documents can be done regardless of the type of documents: financial, receipts, invoices, contracts, credit files, personal documents, various internal documents within the company.

With the digitization of documents, centralization and distribution within the company are done quickly at the level of any department (legal, human resources, sales, marketing, etc.). It also eliminates almost entirely possible errors, and by centralizing the data, once remedied by one of the departments, changes will be available to all departments.

Only advantages

Benefits for digitizing documents

The process of digitizing documents produces positive effects especially on the temporal and financial side. In the process of digitization, the temporal friction between different individuals is greatly reduced. Both from within your company, but also in the relationship between the company and customers. Each form in which the same information is requested countless times means wasted time and high costs. Thus, centralizing this information can reduce staff time, and your customers will also save time.

Another aspect that can improve a company’s performance by simply digitizing documents is storage and distribution to recipients. Documents stored on digital media are easy to store, storage space being increasingly cheaper and more secure than in physical format. The transfer of documents can be done very quickly, through various digital media such as email or other messaging media, secure and with ensuring deliverability in optimal conditions.

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Invoice digitization

Digitization of invoices is a necessary process in companies of any level. It reduces the time to write and process data and frees up necessary resources within the company, which can be directed towards improving other processes.

Among the advantages of digitizing invoices:

  • reduces manual data processing by at least 50%
  • reduces the error rate
  • improves data accuracy
  • increases security
  • scalability
  • integration with internal or external systems
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Contract digitization

Digitization of contracts involves the automation of a complex flow within companies. As a result of such an implementation you can create a complete customer acquisition funnel.

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