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We are a fearless group of young people who like to face challenges! We are ready to work with you in creating the online store. We excel in listening and then act according to your needs, in order to offer a successful collaboration in creating online stores. Our team of experts is endowed with the experience, knowledge and passion needed to do the job and are ready to offer a wide range of design and web design services.

Why did I create an e-commerce with shoes from leather?

We started the journey with the Semper Shoes team, to create an online shoe store. In the beginning, they contacted us to expand their experience as sellers and manufacturers of leather shoes in the online area. The discussions led to a CMS platform, simple to manage and efficient. We decided together to choose Woocommerce on which to configure a dedicated theme.

The Cmevo team decided to be actively involved in the development of the site, the realization of a dedicated design, product photos. The issue of text optimization was raised, and the Semper team delegated us to deal with texts and product descriptions.

Customers can buy leather shoes regardless of gender, women or men, quickly, due to the loading speed and the information presented in an organized way. It can be accessed from any device due to its responsive design. You can make online payments directly from your card, by integrating the online payment processor, Euplatesc. You can receive the order delivered at home, and the generation of the AWB is very simple, we have integrated the Sameday system for simplicity and efficiency. You also have the option to meet the Semper team and find out more about the shoes or how they are made.

The Semper Shoes team wants the benefits of leather footwear to reach as many people as possible.

What have we learned from this?

A pair of leather shoes give you confidence and treats your royal foot. This team of people involved shares a great experience with us. Wouldn't it be easier to find out for yourself? You can visit them online on Sempre-Shoes.ro.

What does the e-commerce with shoes from leather look like?

Magazin online de pantofi din piele
Magazin online de pantofi din piele
Magazin online de pantofi din piele