Great agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles

Ghidaj manual GPS pentru vehicule agricole. Agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles.

The agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles is a customized software solution for precision agriculture. The realization of this project initially started by fixing some connectivity problems between the client’s existing application and the WI-FI antenna that allows the transfer of data between the GPS antenna and the mobile application. Following the analysis, we found several problems that needed to be solved, so we decided together with AgroGPS, to develop a high-performance mobile application for the Android platform.

Implementation strategy

Before starting the implementation of the agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles, we analyze with the client the critical elements of the application. The purpose of the application is to help farmers to be guided more easily, in the field, when carrying out agricultural operations, and using agrarian vehicles. For a simplified explanation, it’s like a car band assistant.

The most important features of the agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles are:

  • displaying the route that the agricultural vehicle must follow;
  • assistance for framing the implementation on the field, for an efficiency of the fuel and at the same time of the materials distributed on the ground;
  • assistance with the return of the agricultural vehicle to the end of the ground;
  • 2 working modes are available: contour or AB;

The biggest obstacle in the implementation of the mobile application

Our main objective was from the first second to create a fluid mobile application, without affecting the operator in performing the work. It was extremely important for the agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles to display in real-time the correct position of the agricultural vehicle, but also their direction of travel.

Rendering items on the map was a stalemate, as the application needed to be optimized to render as few items on the screen as possible so that the map would remain accessible and load quickly.

Calibration of related equipment, such as WI-FI antenna and data transmitted from GPS RTK antenna, with an accuracy of 2cm, was another important factor. The connection to them had to be made automatically so that the operator did not have to configure the equipment before each work.

Design of agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles

For the design of the mobile app, the client wanted a simple look with elements that can be easily seen and used. Given the usefulness of the application, the operator of agricultural vehicles needs large buttons that can be easily used and a screen as simple as possible, the purpose of the application is to display the map and the route to be traveled.

We facilitated the execution of work by the agricultural operator through a dedicated screen, in which he can enter the name of the work. In order to be able to give it maximum efficiency, it must introduce the working width of the implement. Having this information, we were able to determine which are the paths (red lines), and then guide it to make a left/right turn, depending on the position of the agricultural machine.

Work mode contour

For the contour mode, the operator has the option to create a new job by running a race around the ground.

Work mode AB

By choosing the working mode, the operator will choose two points on the map, the first point being called A, and the second B.

After point B is given, the application will display the paths on the map, with the working width it has previously chosen. And the work can begin.

Technologies used to develop the agricultural GPS guidance app

Our team developed the native agricultural GPS guidance app for vehicles using the Kotlin programming language. The development was set for a 2-week sprint, to ensure an increased level of flexibility, maximum added value, and constant feedback from the customer.

Agriculture made by GPS is a topic that will be more and more common in the next period because it allows the optimization of expenses by assisting technology in carrying out agricultural processes.

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