– Interactive Map for Dual Education

In the digital age we live in, access to accurate and easy-to-find information is essential. However, for many students and parents in Romania, finding the right high school with dual education can be a challenge. This is the reason why we developed the project – an interactive map that aims to simplify the search and selection of high schools that offer this type of education in the country.

1. The objective of the project

One of the main objectives of the project is to respond to the growing need of students and parents to easily find high schools that offer dual education in Romania. We’ve faced the reality that this vital information is often scattered or hard to access, which can make the process of choosing a school overwhelming and complicated.

Through, we aim to create a simple and interactive platform that allows users to explore and identify high schools with dual education across the country. This interactive map will provide a number of key benefits for users:

  • Quick access to information: will provide a quick and easy way to find out which high schools nearby offer dual education, thus avoiding endless hours of searching on the Internet or through printed documents.
  • Easy Comparison: Users will be able to quickly compare different high school options, including academic offerings, location, and reviews from other students and parents who have had experiences with those schools.
  • Up-to-date information: Our team is committed to keeping the information on the platform up-to-date and accurate so that users can trust the data presented.

Simplifying the decision-making process: aims to make the process of choosing a school less stressful and help students find the right high school for their career.

Although the development and maintenance of such a platform represented long-term work and a considerable effort, we are proud to say that we succeeded in creating a powerful and useful tool for all those interested in dual education in Romania. is an eloquent example of how technology can be put at the service of education and simplify the educational decision-making process.

2. The challenge stands out as the first and only project of this kind in Romania, which brought with it a series of challenges and responsibilities. One of the biggest challenges we faced was developing and maintaining a comprehensive database that included all dual-education high schools in the country. This required a sustained effort to collect and update information, collaborating with educational institutions and responsible authorities.

Also, to ensure an optimal experience for users, we have implemented a number of filters and search options to facilitate the process of identifying the right high schools. These filters include:

  • Location: Users can search for high schools based on their geographic location or specify a city or area of interest.
  • Specializations: allows users to select the specializations or fields of dual education that interest them so that they can find high schools that offer relevant programs.
  • Reviews and ratings: The platform allows users to leave reviews and ratings of high schools so that other prospective students and parents can benefit from the experiences of others.
  • Additional information: Users can find detailed information about each high school, including contact details, descriptions of educational programs, and opening hours.

Although the development and maintenance of such a platform represented long-term work and a considerable effort, we are proud to say that we succeeded in creating a powerful and useful tool for all those interested in dual education in Romania. is an eloquent example of how technology can be put at the service of education and simplifying the educational decision-making process.

3. The solution

In order to create a comprehensive and up-to-date database, we addressed a series of essential steps within the project. We have realized the importance of providing users with access to accurate and up-to-date data to ensure a smooth browsing experience and relevant results. Here’s how we managed to bring this solution to life:

Aggregation of public data:

One of our main sources of information was the website, which provides information about high schools in Romania and their dual education program. We have evaluated and selected the data relevant to our platform and obtained the necessary permission to retrieve this data.

Automatic data scraping:

The data collection process involved the use of web scraping techniques. We developed automated scripts that navigated the source site and identified and collected the necessary information such as high school names, addresses, available majors, and other relevant details. This approach allowed us to regularly update the data and keep the platform up to date with the latest information.

Data aggregation and structuring:

After collecting the raw data, we needed to structure and aggregate it into a coherent database. This process included removing duplicates, standardizing the data format, and ensuring the accuracy of the information.

Regular update:

Keeping data up-to-date has been an ongoing priority for our team. We have implemented a regular data update program so that users always have access to the latest information about high schools.

Through this technological solution, we managed to create a robust database and an interactive platform to meet the needs of users looking for dual-education high schools in Romania. is a valuable resource for students and parents, offering them quick and easy access to the information they need to make informed educational decisions and shape their future education.

4. Implementation

In order to successfully develop and implement the platform, we have chosen to use the right technologies and tools to ensure a pleasant and efficient user experience. Here is how we achieved the implementation of this important project:

Technologies used:

  • WordPress: I chose the WordPress platform to develop the website, because it offers a flexible structure and a series of easy-to-manage functionalities. With the help of plugins and custom themes, we were able to adapt WordPress to successfully meet our requirements.
  • Elementor: This plugin was essential for the development of the visual aspect of the platform. Elementor gave us an intuitive page builder, allowing us to create interactive and aesthetic pages with ease. Thus, we were able to provide users with a pleasant and intuitive browsing experience.
  • WP Maps PRO: The WP Maps PRO plugin was essential for the creation of the interactive map, which is the center of the user experience on We were able to integrate our core data into interactive maps, allowing users to search for high schools, view locations, and get essential information easily.
  • ElementsKit: This plugin provided us with a number of additional elements and functionalities to customize and improve the design and functionality of the website. With ElementsKit, we were able to add additional features, interactive modules, and styling options to make the website more attractive and useful for users.

The implementation of the platform was possible thanks to a well-thought-out technological approach and the use of appropriate tools and technologies. Using PHP, MySQL, and WordPress, along with Elementor, WP Maps PRO, and ElementsKit plugins, we managed to create an interactive and user-friendly website that successfully met our goals of providing access to information about dual education in Romania.


In conclusion, the project represents a significant and valuable initiative in the educational landscape in Romania. It was developed to meet the acute need for accurate and easily accessible information about dual-education high schools in the country. In solving this complex challenge, we adopted a number of technological approaches and solutions:

It is a project that fills us with pride because it brings real benefits to the educational community in Romania and promotes dual education as a valuable option for the future of young people. We are committed to constantly maintaining and improving the platform to ensure access to the most up-to-date and relevant information about high schools in the country.