The contact page is the success of your business

The contact page is extremely important for your business. It seems quite hard to believe that a simple page on your site is so relevant to the public. But, let’s debate step by step, why you need to have an online presence.

Assumption of beginning

Suppose you are hungry and want to order a pizza from the city. You remember that really good pizza, with a fluffy top, with a lot of salami and mozzarella on the edges. You decide you want to contact them and search the internet, but you can’t find their contact page, their website, or other contact information. You’re hungry, so you’re not going to look up a phone number for 30 minutes. You go ahead and choose the next Pizzeria, preferably one, which in addition to contact details also has a digital menu for the restaurant.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a time when there are offers, either you are there to be part of the current, or you stay on the sidelines.

Phone number on the contact page

Now that I’ve provided a concrete example, I hope you understand how important phone numbers are. I think we agree that you have to display it, but the question arises, where ?!

If you have your own site, it would be advisable to create a contact page, where to add it. If you do not have a site, you can choose to create one according to your requirements and needs. But for most businesses, a simple presentation site is enough to provide the exposure you need.

The email must appear on the contact page

In the assumption part, I offered a trivial example, starting from the client’s position. But as in any business, you also need suppliers or collaborators. At first, no one knows about you, so most of the time, you will look for such companies to help you develop your company.

But what happens when they decide to look for you for an offer that may prove to be better than the ones you have at the moment ?! Because I started with assumptions and you got to this point, I think they attracted you, I would like to give you another assumption.

You are a businessman, and you have limited time. You have to make offers for a certain type of service, in which e-mail is the winning option. You know clearly that your potential customer does not have time to answer the phone by the nature of his business, so you decide to look for companies and their email addresses. You profile them and study data about their company, but you can’t find the email address. You can’t waste time with each one, just to try to look for someone who doesn’t want to be found, so give up and look for another company.

You can do an exercise and pretend that you are interested in us, search the internet for “cmevo contact” and find out if you can find us easily.

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