I want a website for my business – 3 types for today

I want a website for my business, it’s probably an increasing thought for entrepreneurs around the world lately. I want it is a very used word in our vocabulary, I invite you to read the article below, to find out how to make part of history.

Where can you start and what are the steps to take?

The first step before starting on any road is to understand what a website means and what are the advantages, prior to the disadvantages. Certainly, a website can help you to make your business known. But any benefit comes with a number of costs.

Increased visibility and the advantage of exceeding temporal and spatial limits.Because increasing visibility requires more than just launching a site. Your name on the internet is as well known as offline. Those who know you, call you by name. So does the internet, if you search your name on the internet you will certainly be easy to give. But it is preferable for your audience to turn your business into a search that sells for you.
A web page that presents useful information about you and your business. Contact details and possibly a map with the working point (s).Like a physical store, a website needs storage space (hosting) and a domain (DNS). Depending on the type of site and complexity, the costs may vary. The price of a domain is basically about 10 €. The price for hosting services can start from € 1 and can increase substantially for complex solutions.
Contact page that displays phone numbers, email addresses, interactive map showing the location of your business. It is preferable to implement a contact form, to make it as easy as possible to use.Not all the time an email is intended to produce a sale. Sometimes there are certain categories of people who use product promotion techniques using public email addresses on the internet. The technique is named after spam.
List your products and services.

Although we have presented the above information in the disadvantages category, you should not consider it as being a disadvantage afterward. Most people think only of production costs. The real cost is actually your involvement in growing the online community after the site is live.

“I want a site” should be followed by its type

It is important to know from the beginning what you are looking for. The sites are large and have unlimited use. Whether you are looking for a consultant or you are creating your own site lastly is important to realize what you need.

1. I want a presentation site

If you want your business to go online to make its presence felt. You definitely need a presentation site. This site time is one of the easiest to achieve. It is of minimal complexity and in a few simple steps, you can do it yourself. There is no need for a technical team to create such a site.

There are many websites and applications that allow you to create such a site. You can easily choose a template and further all you have to do is fill in your business information, texts, and photos. It can be achieved in less than 24 hours by its own forces.

I will attach a list of sites that can help you to create your own presentation site:

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace – website design
  3. Weebly
  4. Webwave
  5. Webnode – create your own website

There are certainly many more, however, I have presented a list of some of the best-known.

2. I want a sales site

Sales sites are a great solution to increase your sales. You don’t have to be at EMAG, Amazon, or other department stores. Your existing customers are definitely looking to buy online and you should surprise them with an online store. Not only your current customers who visit your physical store will want to buy. The advantage of the Internet is the elimination of space and time limits. Your customers can discover the competition much easier and they can choose you. If you want to learn Why bring your business online in a crisis period I advise you to learn from my previous article.

When people watch for a product, they are most often interested in quality, price, and purchasing experience. If quality and price are your strengths, you must provide a pleasant shopping experience. I am interested in the following aspects of my buying process:

  1. The first interaction with the site is what makes a user discover your products. Like a classic store, it is important to display your products to your customers in an organized way and to be easy to put in the basket.
  2. The loading speed can remove a good portion of your site’s customers. Unquestionably time is the most important resource. Nobody wants a cumbersome application whose pages load in seconds or even minutes. You need a fast online store to serve your audience.
  3. The product’s page must be simple, easy to travel, and understandable to the customer. Busty and difficult texts are not a solution to keep customers close, you need a clear message. The images must be qualitative and allow the analysis of the product easily. Many sites post photos copied from the internet with a similar product, with a low resolution and that does not reveal the reality. The price must be highlighted and easy to find from the first interaction. The basket add button should be visible and the basket adds process should be as simple and user-friendly as possible. If your product is configurable, you will need to make this setup process as intuitive and easy as possible. It is important to have a description that is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.
  4. The shopping cart is the place where the fate of an order is most often decided. You need a summary of the order, in which you will capture the title of the product, you can also attach a photo, the number of pieces, and the price. In the end, the total price and a button to complete the order. If you have several payment methods here, you can choose to display them.
  5. Util links describing the purchase process, the operation on the site, the payment methods available, or the delivery process. Do not hesitate to present such information, as it may be clear to you, but not to all buyers. Remember, many want to inspire their credibility
  6. Payment methods vary in an ever-changing world. The payment methods by repayment are in front of the payments in advance. Many customers prefer to pay in advance through an online payment. This aspect is a favorable one, it gives you confidence that your order is completed.

3. I want a site for service delivery

If you have a consulting firm, you are a freelancer or you provide different services, your image online can increase your income. More and more people are beginning to understand how they can make more money with the help of their knowledge. The reason why you should make a site whether you are a mechanic, welder, electrician, programmer, or installer is the lack of market experts.

Not every time I need a service, I want to invest a consistent amount of money with a large company. Sometimes I need short and fast services to be performed by an expert. In order to present your offer and your customers to reach you, you need to expose yourself online.

A website for the provision of services does not have to be a complex one, but on the contrary, it must present briefly relevant information about the services you provide, a section that will prove your expertise, and contact details.


In closing, I invite you to a discussion about your website idea. You can present your ideas to me and we can discuss together how you can achieve success.

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