What is ERP system?

erp system

Modern business is characterized by rapid development in all departments, and almost every company that wants to succeed will face the need to integrate software solutions to improve its operations. Maintaining a competitive advantage and reducing the number of resources required for production is vital to business success. This is why, when it comes to automating business processes , …

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Tasks automation in a small company

task automation

As a small business there is an endless list of requirements to fulfill in a limited amount of time, and tasks automation can be the solution you need. It is important to prioritize complex tasks over easy, repetitive ones. Fortunately, many of your daily tasks can be automated. Automating small business tasks can save you time and ensure …

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Workflow management system

sistem de management al fluxului de lucru

Today, many organizations harness the power of a workflow management system to ensure that various tasks within departments are performed efficiently and correctly. A business workflow management system can help an organization analyze and automate a business process that usually requires critical resources such as time and manpower. It can give you the information you need …

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Why should every company adopt automate data capture?

automate data capture

In a world where automation is gradually taking over so many processes within a business, manual data capture is still present. Companies in various industries – from schools to banks and hospitals – rely on the tedious process of employees entering information from forms into computer systems. Moving to automate data capture can put these firms and …

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What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

managementul proceselor de afaceri

Business process management (BPM) is a structured approach to improving the processes that organizations use to accomplish their work, serve their customers, and generate business value. A business process is an activity or set of activities that helps meet an organization’s goals, such as increasing profits or promoting workforce diversity. BPM uses various methods to improve a …

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How to create an MVP?

cum creezi un mvp

What is an MVP (minimum viable product)? How to create an MVP? Before that you need to know what a minimum viable product is. An MVP ( minimum viable product ) is a basic releaseable version of a product that supports minimal but mandatory features. It is built with the intention of enabling faster time-to-market, engaging early adopters, and achieving …

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Digital menu for restaurants – Customenu

meniu digital customenu, meniu qr

Digital menu QR for the restaurant – Good food displayed on a stylish menu. Customenu is a project fully developed by the Cmevo Digital team, as a solution for digitizing the classic paper menu, which we find in most restaurants. Among the main benefits that the platform provides to restaurants, the following can easily be …

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Top 7 benefits for custom software development

custom software

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a successful business that does not use software applications. They help companies automate workflow, streamline processes and manage various resources. However, it is not always easy to choose between purchasing a standard solution or investing in custom software development. If you are thinking of supporting your business with a software solution, …

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What is Business Process Automation (BPA)

business process automation

Automation isn’t just about replacing paper with PDFs – business process automation aims to make processes more cost-effective, more streamlined, more error-proof and more transparent. With automated processes in place, organizations save time and ensure best practices are implemented to improve overall operational efficiency. Almost any business process you can think of can be improved in …

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Landing page for NFT – Zombie Elite

Landing page pentru NFT. landing page for nft

For the digital platform that finds a freelancer for your services, Workcy, we created a landing page for NFTs they will launch. The client wanted an interactive landing page with lots of animations that would be consistent with the core idea of the NFT project.