6 reasons to ditch Excel

Even though Excel was revolutionary for business at the time of its introduction, the time has come for it to be replaced for the daily tasks of your business and there are reasons to ditch Excel.

Excel is a handy and complex software program that you can safely use to solve a multitude of tasks and calculate, manage and manage your business successfully.

But you should manage the business easily, and the effort should be minimal because you certainly have other aspects to deal with in your business. These administration and business management tasks can be easily done by developing custom software, and these are the reasons to ditch Excel. You can automate your daily tasks, to be performed automatically or at a click away.

The answer to the question “why should I give up Excel with a customized software solution?” is simple. Because working with excel can become difficult and there is a risk of altering the data without the operator’s consent.

It’s funny how often companies need the main Spreadsheet to manage individual spreadsheets.

Have you ever wondered how we have evolved since 1980 as a society, but also as a way of doing business? We have evolved enormously, but not Excel, which has been improved in places, but to process a lot of data, it becomes slow. Thus, during our evolution, companies should move from using general Excel to a customized software solution for their own business and its needs.

Working with Excel can be chaotic

At the beginning of the company, using Excel seems like a good idea. But with time and the development of the company, it becomes more and more difficult to use it, so they give up Excel. You start creating new Excel files more and more often, and your computer is full of folders and files, which becomes quite chaotic at some point.

At the same time, growing your business means hiring more colleagues, which translates into more copies of those Excel files you manage. More copies of these files, more chaos, and Excel quits. The problem of the last version appears and what happens with the synchronization of changes. There is, however, the possibility of using Excel files or google spreadsheets in the Cloud, to allow a more fluid collaboration, but this does not exclude the chaos created by the use of several files.

Human errors can be pronounced

According to CNCB, approximately 88% of spreadsheets have errors and over 50% contain erroneous data, and large companies use these spreadsheets.

You are probably wondering why these problems are not solved. Because using some formulas can represent a job in itself and often those who use these Excel sheets, just use a template previously created by someone else. I’m sure that even in your company, not everyone in the team knows how to make complex formulas, but instead uses Excel to add lines, and create columns or tables, so these are reasons to ditch Excel.

Well, let’s imagine that you rely on some reports made on the data from these Excel spreadsheets, but the data is wrong. You can make a decision that destroys your business or undermines your growth. So developing customized software for your business should be a priority. Because once this solution is implemented, the algorithms will work the same, regardless of the parameters, data, or the person using the software, more reasons to ditch Excel.

Excel is hard to automate

It is inevitable that the moment will come when you realize that you and your employees are most likely wasting time with simple tasks that could be automated.

But Excel cannot be automated, of course, it can be configured to perform certain actions when different operations are performed. But you still need an operator to manage these operations and develop a software application to scale your business.

Custom software applications are easier to use

Using a custom application or software solution is much easier for any business to use than using Excel.

A software solution can be easily used from any type of mobile device, tablet, or computer. And your employees can have different permissions, with access to their field of activity.

Manual work in Excel

The most difficult work you have to do is the manual effort to enter, modify or delete data. All these updates require manual work and waste of time. And all this manual work is prone as I mentioned before to errors, so aren’t these more reasons to ditch excel?!


If you felt that I described your own company through one of the paragraphs above because most likely a software solution to replace Excel is feasible for your company. I can offer you more reasons to ditch Excel in your company, but maybe you need to have a look at others that made one step ahead.

Of course, using a customized software solution offers more advantages than those described above. The software solution will be customized for your business to solve the biggest problems you have in business.

And if you are not sure that a customized software solution suits you, you can take a look at the projects developed with our customers RSVTI software for thermal power plants and gas, Best agriculture farm management software, Digital Manager for Personal Trainers or you can search among all Case Studies.